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Dimensions Diameter x Length : 2.

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If anyone ever argues with you that the crop sensor format struggles to create shallow depth of field like full frame, this is the lens to show them…. Equivalent to an 85mm lens on a full frame sensor, this is the perfect focal length for a flattering portrait and comfortable working distance. Either way, this is one impressive lens that delivers ultra-sharp, flattering results with zero distortion.

As with all Fuji X mount lenses, the construction is solid.

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All in all, this is one impressive Fuji lens for portrait photography. Dimensions Diameter x Length : 4.

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Being able to go from a flattering half-body crop at 50mm, all the way up to isolating facial features at mm is an effective way to bring diversity to your portrait shoot with minimal effort. Lazy, but very effective! Auto focus is almost instantaneous and incredibly accurate, especially in daylight. The minimum focus distance is only 1.

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The amount of detail in the files is impressive, with images offering great clarity and contrast. One thing to note — this is a rather large lens for mirrorless standards but still small when compared with a DSLR equivalent , and as such, may make a smaller Fujifilm body such as the Fujifilm X-T20 feel somewhat unwieldy — one way to overcome this is to use a hand strap see more accessories for Fuji cameras here. Great portraits can be shot with wide angle lenses, zoom lenses, macro lenses, or whatever lens you currently have… except with perhaps a fish-eye!

All you need is some creativity and you can use pretty much any gear to create amazing portraiture. So get out there and start shooting! Good luck ;-. Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. I also find the length more flattering. Hi Mark, thanks for the article. The 85mm 1.

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The 50mm 1. Hey Chris, ah yep interesting to hear that. I imagine the 50mm is more than sufficient for amateur use, and know several pros who love it too. Informative article thanks : The Mitakon 0.

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Albeit a manual focus lens it produces some really nice images. Manual focus is fine for some photographers with slower workflows, but I prefer to take full advantage of AF technology if possible!

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Best Lenses for Portrait Photography. Mark Condon. Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer based in Australia and the founder of Shotkit. Isabel R on October 13, at am. Mark on October 15, at am. Chris on October 9, at am. Mark on October 10, at am. Harry van Gastel on October 8, at pm. Candid, interactive family moments complement the posed images. Call Luann to request a gift certificate. Family Gallery. This family portraits photography session should be thought of as an event much like a picnic or family gathering.

It is an experience filled with fun and laughter. The images produced are a reflection of your family relationships and experiences. Combinations of individuals and groups can be taken.

We will be a return customer to Lifestyle. The crisp contrast and unique creative aesthetics of these images encapsulate the inimitable approach of Lifestyle Portraits, and set us apart from typical studio photography. We don't just make photographs; we make lifestyle image art. We shoot predominantly in black and white, which has enduring stylistic qualities, and makes for stunning, timeless portraits.

Though our images are black and white, they're infused with warm and vibrant tones, meaning they're never monotone, and are always far from monotonous. Today however, technological advancements afford us complete control and precision, so colour can be introduced to create subtle accents or bold statements. We are passionate about the creative process, and enjoy incorporating each client's unique ideas and inspirations into the development of our work.

Collaboration with the client, whilst adhering to our signature creative style, allows us to consistently produce images of outstanding quality that surpass our clients' expectations. Book your personalised consultation.