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JEWISH SOUL FOOD: From Minsk to Marrakesh

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Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. And he has carved out an idiosyncratic culinary niche for himself, concocting fresh fusions that bring together elements of African-American and Jewish cuisine, and sharing his ideas around the world. This was before his widely reported, infuriating and humiliating experience at Ben-Gurion Airport security, when he was trying to board his flight back to the States. This weekend, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. He also writes the blog Afroculinaria and has a book forthcoming from HarperCollins next year.

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In addition, Twitty regularly holds cooking events at historical plantations in the South where, in full period dress, he recreates the food his enslaved ancestors once ate, demonstrating the huge debt Southern cuisine owes to African Americans. We use our food to empower ourselves.

What I do with kosher soul food is combine the survival gene in the Jews with the survival gene in black folk, and I make it work. Combining Jewish cuisine with African-American cooking yields some unexpected recipes.

Putting Janna Gur's ‘Jewish Soul Food’ to the Test – The Forward

I make Senegalese chicken soup with peanut butter and matzo balls. The spices give it the context of Shabbos or Yom Tov. For a larger meal, he makes a kosher spin on feijoada , the Afro-Brazilian stew. They understand you. When the Cinematheque approached Vered with the idea of a culinary festival, she thought of Twitty. Certainly, the issues he raises in his talks are not easy to for many audiences to digest.

In a world that has a clear preference for the easy-to-digest, his complexities are very interesting. So if people were left with more questions than answers, then I got what I wanted. Volunteers helped him mash the West African peas into the quintessential Middle Eastern street food. This little plant has both Jewish and African-American symbolism. He drew audible gasps, however, when he drew a parallel to Jewish history, saying that, similarly, he thought the best place for a bar mitzvah was Auschwitz. After the festival, he told me that the audience reaction surprised him. I replied that the Holocaust is a fresher reality than slavery, particularly in Israel; we all know survivors here, while the horrors of the plantations seem so distant. In response, he showed me a picture of his great-great-grandfather, who was born in He was over when he died.

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