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During the Second World War Goebbels played an important role in building up hatred for the allies. He had little confidence in the abilities of other ministers in the government and made attempts to have Joachim von Ribbentrop dismissed from office. Goebbels encouraged Hitler to invade the Soviet Union. Bolshevism will collapse as a house of cards. We are facing an unprecedented victorious campaign.

Cooperation with Russia was in fact a stain on our reputation. Now it is going to be washed out. The very thing we were struggling against for our whole lives, will now be destroyed. Joseph Goebbels also advocated terror bombing of Britain: "He Hitler said he would repeat these raids night after night until the English were sick and tired of terror attacks.

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He shares my opinion absolutely that cultural centres, health resorts and civilian resorts must be attacked now. There is no other way of bringing the English to their senses. They belong to a class of human beings with whom you can only talk after you have first knocked out their teeth.

Goebbels argued at a meeting on 12th November "I deem it necessary to issue a decree forbidding the Jews to enter German theaters, movie houses and circuses. I have already issued such a decree under the authority of the law of the chamber for culture. Considering the present situation of the theaters, I believe we can afford that. Our theaters are overcrowded, we have hardly any room.

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I am of the opinion that it is not possible to have Jews sitting next to Germans in varieties, movies and theaters. One might consider, later on, to let the Jews have one or two movie houses here in Berlin, where they may see Jewish movies. But in German theaters they have no business anymore. Furthermore, I advocate that the Jews be eliminated from all positions in public life in which they may prove to be provocative.

It is still possible today that a Jew shares a compartment in a sleeping car with a German.

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Therefore, we need a decree by the Reich Ministry for Communications stating that separate compartments for Jews shall be available; in cases where compartments are filled up, Jews cannot claim a seat. They shall be given a separate compartment only after all Germans have secured seats. They shall not mix with Germans, and if there is no more room, they shall have to stand in the corridor.

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At a meeting on 15 August Goebbels' state secretary, Leopold Gutterer, pointed out that of the 70, Jews in Berlin only 19, were working a situation, of course, that the Nazis had created themselves by enforcing a series of restrictive regulations against German Jews. The rest, argued Gutterer, ought to be "carted off to Russia While German soldiers had suffered at the front line, the Jews had supposedly been profiting from the bloodshed back in the safety of the big cities in reality, of course, German Jews had been dying at the front in proportionately the same numbers as their fellow countrymen.

But now, in the summer of , it was obvious that Jews remained in Berlin while the Wehrmacht were engaged in their brutal struggle in the East - what else could they do, since the Nazis had forbidden German Jews to join the armed forces? Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary on 27th March, "The Jews are now being forced eastwards from the General Government, commencing with Lublin. A pretty barbaric method, not to be described in detail, is being used here, and not much of the Jews themselves remains afterwards A judicial sentence is being carried out against the Jews which is certainly barbaric, but which they have fully deserved.

In these matters, one cannot let sentimentality prevail. If we did not defend ourselves against them, the Jews would exterminate us. It is a life and death struggle between the Aryan race and the Jewish bacillus. No other government and no other regime could muster the strength for a general solution of this question. Thank God the war affords us a series of opportunities which were denied us in peacetime.

We must make use of them. The ghettos in the towns of the General Government which have been made vacant can now be filled with the Jews expelled from the Reich, and then the process can be repeated after a certain time. God alone knows what the outcome of this battle will be. I know, however, that we shall only come out of it, dead or alive, with honour and glory.


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I hardly think that we shall see each other again. Probably, therefore, these are the last lines you will ever receive from me. I expect from you that, should you survive this war, you will do nothing but honour your mother and me. It is not essential that we remain alive in order to continue to influence our people. You may well be the only one able to continue our family tradition.

Always act in such a way that we need not be ashamed of it Farewell, my dear Harald. Whether we shall ever see each other again is in the lap of the gods. Now we know how to die. The children were prepared for their deaths in my work room. Their mother combed their hair - they were all dressed in white nightshirts - and then she went up with the children.

I realised what was going to happen immediately. Heinz Linge , the author of With Hitler to the End , was in the Fuhrer-bunker: "For Dr Joseph Goebbels, the new Reich Chancellor, it was not apparent until now that he and his wife Magda would commit suicide in Berlin this same day. After the experiences of recent days and weeks hardly anything could shock us men any more, but the women, the female secretaries and chambermaids were 'programmed' differently.

They were fearful that the six beautiful Goebbels children would be killed beforehand. The parents had decided upon this course of action. Hitler's physician Dr Stumpfegger was to see to it.

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The imploring pleas of the women and some of the staff, who suggested to Frau Goebbels that they would bring the children - Helga, Holde, Hilde, Heide, Hedda and Helmut - out of the bunker and care for them, went unheard. I was thinking about my own wife and children who were in relative safety when Frau Goebbels came at hours and asked me in a dry, emotional voice to go up with her to the tormer Fuhrer-hunker where a room had been set up for her children. Once there she sank down in an armchair.

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She did not enter the children's room, but waited nervously until the door opened and Dr. Stumpfegger came out. Their eyes met, Magda Goebbels stood up, silent and trembling. When the SS doctor nodded emotionally without speaking, she collapsed. It was done. The children lay dead in their beds, poisoned with cyanide. Two men of the SS bodyguard standing near the entrance led Frau Goebbels to her room in the Fuhrer-bunker. On 1st May, , Joseph Goebbels, his wife and six children, committed suicide.

According to Ralf Georg Reuth , the author of Goebbels : "The last details regarding the deaths of Joseph and Magda Goebbels will probably always remain unclear. It is certain that they poisoned themselves with cyanide, but it is not known whether Goebbels also shot himself in the head. Nor do we know whether they died in the bunker or outside at the emergency exit, where the Soviets found their bodies. As a young child he Joseph Goebbels almost died of pneumonia, accompanied by "terrible fever hallucinations. For two years his family doctor and a masseur struggled to rid his right leg of intermittent paralysis.

Finally they had to tell the despairing parents that Joseph's foot was "lamed for life," would fail to grow properly, and would eventually develop into a clubfoot. They even arranged for Joseph to be seen by doctors at the University of Bonn's medical school, a step requiring great courage for people of their humble station.