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And married. Their illicit liaison will bring about a final reckoning no one could have anticipated - not Delia or Simon or Delia's husband, Sam, a teacher many years her senior who thought he knew all the history of the world By the time the narrative comes full circle, it is we who are left with feelings of regret at the injustice of lives destroyed - and a tragedy that will reverberate for years to come.

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Film Executive. You can dig through non-fiction research and create a timeline for scenes, something like that. Then, go back to fiction book, etc. Oh, and have a plan for when inspiration hits one of your Yous. Like if you Fiction You decides an integral MC character trait while you are working with your Nonfiction You, have a notebook for just your fiction project where you can write the info down, and then get back to the project at hand.

I would chase so many rabbits it would take me years to remember what I was doing.

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If the plan changes and you want to swap nonfiction project with fiction project, cool stick to that new plan. Currently, my thinking is to only leave a project mid-way if you are planning on scrapping it for parts.

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You can totally do this, and do it well. But getting back on the horse feels way better than sitting on the ground, flicking mud. I seriously LOVE this! It makes total sense for me, and I can see it working with my ideas and desires.

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I do hope to report some creative writing productivity soon. I definitely relate to this post.

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But once a work in progress reaches a certain point, it seems wrong not to finish it. You are so right, Jimmy!

Divining Rod by Michael Knight

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Wanted: Literary Divining Rod by Joy Jun 29, creativity , doubt and fear , dream of authorship , fiction , genre , goals , non-fiction , stories , writing , writing process 6 comments. How about this one? Seriously, I annoy myself! Choosing a story: What if I waste the first one? Choosing a story: Which genre comes first?