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Of course, if you're really overdoing it on the caffeine, ingesting upwards of to milligrams a day , according to the Mayo Clinic, it is still possible to become dehydrated from your java habit. But hopefully you're not downing five cups of coffee a day. Caffeine overconsumption aside, there are some foods and drinks that can contribute to dehydration, even if you're eating sensible quantities.

It's not that you need to avoid these picks in the throes of the next big heat wave, says Reinagel, but it is a good idea to up your fluid intake if your diet is high in the following. Alcohol That summer sangria might be refreshing, but it's a natural diuretic. Alcohol causes cells to shrink , which squeezes extra water out, giving drinkers that urge to hit the restroom, and fast. All those trips to the loo deplete your body's natural water stores, which is why you might wake up with a pounding headache the morning after a big night out, says Reinagel.


And if you're drinking outside on a hot summer day, there's even more reason to up your H2O intake, she says. And although your adult beverage of choice is technically a liquid, unlike coffee and tea, the fluids in alcoholic drinks don't compensate for their dehydrating effects, says Reinagel, especially if you're having something particularly boozy, like a martini, she says. Protein A number of people have turned to higher-protein diets recently, says Reinagel. But whether they're looking to up muscle mass or curb hunger , a little-known side effect of going protein-heavy is that you may become dehydrated, she says.

The body has to use more water to flush out the naturally-occurring nitrogen in protein, which results in more trips to the bathroom, she says. It's not that high-protein diets are too be avoided; just consider upping your fluid intake simultaneously, she says. Herbal Supplements A number of herbs and supplements have long been used as folk remedies for bloating, thanks to their urine-increasing properties, including parsley, celery seed , dandelion and watercress.

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Your Complete Guide to Dehydrating Food

Dehydration 1. Aw for some dried foods Product aW Skim milk powder Dehydrated soups 0. Changes during dehydration 1. Case hardening 3.

How to dehydrate your own food for Backpacking

Chemical changes 1. Dehydration Equipments 1.

Introducing Food Dehydration

The product to be dried is sprayed into a stream of heated air. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Making it yourself allows you to enjoy this freshness, unlike you would if you ate the dehydrated food sold at the grocery store.

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Processed snacks cost quite a bit of money on their own, and healthy and organic dehydrated food cost even more. You can save a lot of money by buying fresh food in bulk and dehydrating it yourself. This practice will also allow you to replace many store-bought snacks. All of this adds up, and you will find that you are spending a lot less in the long run.

There are many additives and preservatives put in processed foods. These preservatives extend the shelf life of the food and will typically alter the nature taste of the food. Sugar is often added to dehydrated fruit; however, when you make it yourself in your food dehydrator, you are in control of what is and is not added. Instead, you can simply dry your own fresh ingredients and have a snack for the road.

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It can be difficult to find healthy food that you can take on the go. With your dehydrated food, you can just have a plastic bag on your lap full of your snack. In the U. With a dehydrator, you can reduce waste by dehydrating foods that are coming close to spoiling. When your fresh fruit starts going soft, slice it up and put it in the food dehydrators.



If you have meat that needs to be cooked, make some jerky. This method can help you from throwing out that sack of apples or bunch of bananas that you forgot about until they started turning brown. Simply slice them up and enjoy them later! If you are interested in dehydrating your foods but do not have the recommended equipment, know that it is possible to use the oven to dehydrate the foods using low temperatures for long periods of time. However, there are many advantages to using a dehydrator instead of an oven.

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For one, the food will have a much longer shelf life if you use a proper food dehydrator. The dehydrator will remove all the moisture from the food properly, and your food will actually be able to be stored about one year longer than if you used an oven instead, if kept in proper conditions. Dehydrators are also easy on your wallet.

While there is an upfront cost, they end up paying for themselves several times over if used frequently.